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Gabriel Network




Gabriel Network began over twenty years ago as a grassroots network of churches that formed volunteer groups to help women in crisis pregnancies.

Church-Based Volunteer Teams, or "Angel Friend" Teams such as A.B.I.M, are ready and willing to help a pregnant woman with the material, emotional, and spiritual challenges that come with a crisis pregnancy.  Animated by their love for Christ, they are ready to demonstrate that love in works for those in need.  

What do angel friend teams do?

Angel Friend Teams provide loving, personal service to pregnant mothers who need help. This can take many forms, but generally falls within practical, emotional, or spiritual support. The major work of Angel Friend Teams is to:

  • Listen. One of the most important jobs of an Angel Friend is to listen to the mother and hear her struggles and fears. Most of the women we serve do not have anyone in their life that will simply hear and value them.
  • Gather and distribute donated materials for mom and babies, such as diapers, wipes, clothes, car seats, portable cribs, formula, and other things.
  • Pray for the moms and be willing to share your story when asked.