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Impacting lives locally and globally by putting God’s love into action and actively taking the gospel to the nations — that’s our calling! We equip, recruit and motivate members to effectively evangelize their communities with gospel of Jesus Christ.

Protocol Ministry

We create an atmosphere of God’s love for all by greeting, seating visitors and congregants. Provide support for all church services, programs, conferences and events. As the Gatekeepers we are responsible for collecting offering, assisting at the altar ministry and maintaining order. The Protocol Ministry is the welcoming team that aims to leave a lasting impression on all ABIM visitors and members.

 Singles Ministry

We seek to encourage single adults to discover God’s purpose for their life through their personal relationship with God. Create opportunities for them to serve God by sharing their God given gifts through service; to interconnect with the larger church body. The single ministry welcomes all who are single, divorced or widowed and have a desire to grow in their faith through the Word of God.

Youth Ministry

The ABIM youth ministry will create a supportive Christ-Centered environment where young people will develop holistically, in mind, body, soul and Spirit. Teaching young people through the message of the bible how to build a loving relationship with God that will develop them into true Disciples of Christ.

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult team is made of members 18-30 years of age that have passion, an ability to lead, relate, teach & communicate to young adult minds. This ministries' mission is to equip the young adults with life changing Christian experiences that will prepare them for what lies ahead. To help them discover who GOD has called them to be. This includes teaching young adults how to achieve personal & career goals, how to have healthy bodies & relationships, and how to develop and maintain sound financial stewardship.

Children's Ministry

For those that have to ability to creatively prepare, equip and energize the next generation for Christ. The team will meet the needs of a young person’s mind, body, and spirit through age-appropriate worship services, academic enrichment activities, leadership development, missionary work, mentorship, athletics, and creative arts. The ministry is designed to challenge young people to attain a level of excellence in all areas of their lives, whether it is academically, spiritually, or socially.

Dance Ministry

The Dance Worship Ministry comprises of members with creative minds and experience in the fine arts of dance, mime and drama. The primary goal is to use the creative art of dance to usher the congregation into a place of praise, worship, reflection, and meditation. The objective is to minister healing, deliverance, and joy, and to prepare the hearts and minds of the congregation to receive the preached Word of God. Team members will be responsible to train, equip, and activate the dance team with the spirit of excellence.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry mission is for those members who have a desire to bring the Word of God and the message of salvation to those who are incarcerated. We are all called to serve, but those who have desire to serve on this ministry team will make weekly visits to the local Prisons to holds services that include worship, ministering of God’s Word, and prayer. It is a ministry that brings hope into the lives of many men, women and youths within the walls of prison.

Breakthrough Cell Groups

The Cell Ministry is a fundamental part of ABIM.

  • It is a fellowship where you find love amongst brethren.
  • In a Cell you are built up and established on God’s  Word
  • It is a venue for soul wining and development
  • The cell  bridges  the gap between the pastorate and members
  • It serves as a communication link between the pastorate and the members
Cell groups are opportunities for members, and those who have leadership abilities to get to know members within the ministry. The cell groups enable members to nurture, build up, train, and follow up closely with each other in a more intimate way. Members and leaders are able to share their challenges, testimonies, and pray with each other on a smaller scale.  They encourage the celebration of new births, birthdays, weddings, and offer comfort in times of need. Leaders of a cell groups will coordinate fellowship activities and meetings.


The Intercessory Ministry is a team of intercessors that are prayer warriors willing to stand in the gap for the church. They pray scripturally for the head leadership, secondary leadership and all church members. The team will intercede before each service and for all programs and projects of the church. This team prays continually that the perfect will of God is fulfilled in the church.


The Discipleship Ministry is a team of members that teach, develop and equip each and every lay member to become lay ministers who are able to work effectively in building the kingdom of God.


The Books and Products Ministry is a team that works in selling and maintaining the inventory of all books, CDs, and products. They ensure that all material is readily available for purchase before and after every service and program.

Communication & Media Ministry

The Communications & Media Ministry is the information ministry of the church; providing sound and consistent communications in addition to public relations support for the ministry. They work in collaboration with other departments within the church to ensure that the website and church publications are up to date and have the relevant information that will be of help to the public. Also, the communication and media ministry supports the staff and all other ministries by coordinating effective and efficient communication to church members and to the surrounding community, church staff and leadership through web content, written documents, fliers, and other media outreach. 

Audio Visual (AV)/ Technology

The AV & Technology ministry operates and maintains the sound systems and all other equipment associated with the production and duplication of audio or video media used by the church.  They work to ensure that everyone who comes to the church can comfortably see and hear everything that goes on during the service.

Music Ministry

The purpose of the Music Ministry is to provide opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song; offering encouragement as we lead the congregation in praise and worship. The Music Ministry provides an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and talents of music. Praise and Worship is also one of many mediums used to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to non believers.